About the 5TH ICRBO 2018

In 2018, we are proud to be the host for the 5th International Conference of Rice Bran Oil in Vietnam, with Hanoi University of Science and Technology (the flagship technological university in educational and research activities) and Wilmar CLV (one of Asian leading groups in the areas of foodstuff, oleo and feed ingredients), as the representatives from academic and business segments.

The 5th ICRBO will be held from May 23 – 25, 2018 at the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi - one of the most ancient capitals in the world. With the theme “Rice Bran Oil - The world’s premium healthy oil”, the conference will create opportunities for IARBO’s members, universities, researchers and enterprises to gather, share knowledge and update recent research and new application on RBO and its value-added derivatives. IARBO wishes to increase the awareness of benefits of RBO through public media, newspaper, conference. For the first time, ICRBO gathers undergraduates and post-graduates worldwide in a research contest to promote innovative and practical ideas about the benefits of RBO.

Key activities

Key activities of the conference include the combination of the Main Meeting and Undergraduate/ Post-graduate Research Contest on rice bran oil.

Main conference: Participants, who are enterprises, researchers and professionals, will attend presentation session from each country, booth display of key products and panel discussions conducted by experts on 4 key topics.

For the first time, ICRBO engages the participation of youth generation via the Undergraduate/ Post-graduate Research Contest on rice bran oil, poster presentation and booth display which demonstrate their ideas on the research theme and especially the expert’s sharing session of Prof. Xuebing Xu, Wilmar Global R&D Center.

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